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Vizualizarii 3752
20 Dec 2014, Sâmbătă, 07.46

Prometheus Trap 2012 Film Online Gratis Premiera, film online DVDRip, subtitrat în Romana It's not a coincidence that Prometheus Trap came out same year critically acclaimed Prometheus did. But it had to be a mistake having a budget of around $500,000 for it. I mean it looks as if it was all recorded inside a walk-in freezer using early 80's computers as props and a slightly failing smoke machine. Special effects look like my failed attempts at basically anything in 3D Studio Max or Blender and I failed for free. Acting is average at best and even though the basic story line is not terrible (although I'm far from saying that it was any good) the execution lacked in all areas and the flick ended up being just plain boring. I'd avoid it at all cost if I wasn't so bored beyond belief that I had to resort myself to watching all straight-to-DVD crap this coming Xmas season...

Urmăreşte online filmul Prometheus Trap 2012 Film Online Gratis Premiera, cu subtitrare în Romana şi calitate DVDRip.

Film in: RomanaSF

Adaugat de: Cr3ativeZone

Gen: SF

Film în: Romana

Data postari: 01 Ian 2013

Vizionare: 3752

Tag-uri: gratis, Prometheus, premiera, online, film, trap, 2012,

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